African Fashion in 2023

Watching the ASHLUXE X Felakuti AW23 fashion show, as vibrant colors and bold patterns danced down the runway, I remembered it was three years ago when I penned an article for this very publication, declaring with unwavering conviction, “the future of fashion is Africa, and the future of African fashion is now.” And here we are, a […]

African Artistes with the Highest Reported Revenue Per Show

Generated from Boxscore reports obtained from Touring Data, Bloomberg and Pollstar which are official concert ticket tracking systems, we have taken the liberty the compile the list of the African Artistes with the Highest Reported Revenue Per Show. Burna Boy dominates the list with a staggering 14 spots out of the Top 20, Burna Boy’s […]

Joy Jeariogbe Wins 1XBET Draw

In the pursuit of recognition and glory, there are two paths. one through hard work and perseverance, move towards your goal step by step, and, after some time, reach the top. The other is to lead an ordinary life, not to stand out from the crowd, but to believe that fortune will definitely smile on […]


The Top Chart’s 100 Most Influential People’s List highlights real power and influence, the movers and shakers of various industries. Influence goes beyond mere recognition; it’s about crafting narratives and steering change. Our curated list categorizes these impactful figures into distinct domains, reflecting the varied spheres where their influence resonates. These individuals are divided into […]