Skxnnx Taps Vinci Tommy T & Lill Humble for New Single “Troubled Kid”

Fresh from the triumph of his recent hits “ERA” and “WI MA BROZ,” the versatile hip-hop artist and creative force SKXNNX (pronounced Skinni) returns to the forefront with his electrifying new track, “TROUBLE KID,” featuring Vinci Tommy T & Lill Humble. This introspective piece delves into themes of youth, rebellion, and the intricate journey of coming of age amidst adversity—narrated through the unique perspective of a Cameroonian artist now residing in Moscow.

“TROUBLE KID” delivers a rich emotional journey, traversing a varied musical landscape that blends elements of hip-hop and funk. SKXNNX extends an invitation to audiences to accompany him on a profound exploration of the depths of human nature, delving into its most profound and complex facets.

On the inspiration behind the new single, SKXNNX says, “‘Trouble Kid’ is a sound dedicated to young people on the fringes of the system, who have decided to follow their own path, with their own rules”

SKXNNX has been on an exhilarating journey since the beginning of the year. His latest releases have collectively garnered praise from DRUMMA Magazine, i-MULLAR, COLORS + STUDIOS, IMPOSE Magazine, i-D, and more. Starting his musical voyage at Nkoabang High School in Cameroon and later forming the GOFT Family collective, SKXNNX’s influences were shaped alongside notable figures such as Dr. DUGON. Despite initially pursuing engineering studies in Cameroon, SKXNNX’s collaboration with Sleym Boone, a rapper and beatmaker, led to the creation of the album “CHAMBER MUSIC.” Following the attainment of his design engineering diploma, SKXNNX took a bold step, leaving Cameroon for Russia to pursue his passions for music and modelling. Branded a “UFO” in the Russian fashion scene, his versatility and atypical style, influenced by both Cameroonian and American elements, resulted in a hybrid sound that captivates listeners with aggressive beats and melodious undertones.

After leaving a mark in the Russian fashion scene, SKXNNX returned to his musical roots, co-founding the GLIZZY GANG with Nigerian rapper Rain of Asini. Their exploration of expatriate life in Russia produced hits like “Call the Plug” and “Blicky.” Despite GLIZZY GANG’s accomplishments, SKXNNX decided to pursue his own artistic direction. Fine-tuning his sound, he launched the ‘UP2THEMUNDO’ EP project, featuring tracks like “Monster,” followed by Volume 2 three months later, titled “Another One.” The culmination of SKXNNX’s musical evolution occurred with the December 2022 city tour and the release of his most recent project

in January 2023, ‘CTRL MUNDO.’ Through these diverse experiences, SKXNNX demonstrates an unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries and crafting a distinctive musical identity.
With the unveiling of “TROUBLE KID,” and the promise of more music on the way, SKXNNX realigns his musical trajectory, firmly asserting himself as an artist more than ever before. He continues to forge a sound uniquely his own, solidifying his position as one to watch in the realm of self-reflective, experimental hip-hop/trap.