Afrobeats Star STARZ BSM Releases Feel-Good Single, “Special”

Nigeria’s burgeoning talent, Starz BSM, is back in the spotlight with his latest offering, “Special.” This feel-good track radiates positivity and celebrates the essence of true love, inviting listeners into a world of blissful melodies and heartfelt emotions. Produced by the renowned Jonn P, known for his work on Davido’s acclaimed Timeless album, “Special” embodies the perfect blend of smooth vocals and infectious indie afrobeats rhythms. Starz BSM’s soulful delivery coupled with Jonn P’s production prowess creates an enchanting ambiance, evoking the warmth of summertime romance.

At its core, “Special” serves as a heartfelt confession of love, capturing those euphoric moments shared between two souls deeply connected. With its uplifting vibes and irresistible hooks delivered in Pidgin, the track promises to be a standout addition to any playlist. Much like his previous releases, Starz BSM’s approach to music is characterised by a profound sense of authenticity and vulnerability, with compositions that are not merely performances but windows into his soul, each imbued with the depth of his emotions. With this new release, he continues to weave his narrative of love and connection with even greater finesse.

Starz BSM, originally known as Stanley Aiwekhoe, stumbled upon his musical gift in 2010. Back then, he wove mesmerising freestyles using the names of his classmates as lyrical inspiration. This moment of clarity ignited a burning desire within him to pursue a professional music career. His journey took flight when he recorded his inaugural track, “BAD SUGAR MAN,” while apprenticing at a studio in 2015. From that moment on, he immersed himself in the studio, tirelessly refining his sound.

In a triumphant debut, the musical virtuoso unveiled his first official single, “No Relent,” in 2022. This marked a significant milestone for the artist, signalling the culmination of years spent honing his craft. Following the success of “No Relent,” he graced audiences with yet another captivating single, “Romance,” wherein he eloquently captured the nuances of love through the lens of an emerging artist. It’s abundantly clear that Starz BSM is driven by an unwavering passion to share his artistry with the world. He harbours ambitions of elevating the Nigerian music scene to unprecedented heights, employing captivating lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners, and his aspiration; to draw people into his sonic realm, where his music serves as a conduit for love and inspiration.