Actors to Watch List 2024

As the Nigerian film and television industry continues to soar to new heights, we at Top Charts Africa are thrilled to present the ‘Actors to Watch’ list for 2024.

This year’s selection highlights ten exceptional talents who are not only making waves with their performances but also shaping the future of Nigerian and African storytelling. These actors have demonstrated remarkable skill, dedication, and an undeniable presence on screen, positioning them for even greater success in the years to come.

In alphabetical order, below are our official picks for the Actors to Watch in 2024, profiled by their colleagues.


Instagram: @chuksjoseph__
Twitter: @chuksjoseph__
IMDb: Chuks Joseph

Chuks Joseph, where do I start from.
Chuks is an actor that constantly evolves. He is not the same actor I knew two years ago and it’s inspiring because growth should be constant. I have seen Chuks evolve from the guy who is inquisitive about a lot of things even the craft to being the Actor, who embodies characters easily. I am proud to know him as a friend, a colleague, and one of my favorite Screen partners. I look forward to making more films with Chuks and I hope he continues to evolve to his alpha potential.

Written by Paul Nnadiekwe


  • The Origin: Madam Koi Koi (Netflix)
  • Dark October (Netflix)
  • Afamefuna (Netflix)

Instagram: @david.eyo
Twitter: @_davideyo
IMDb: David Eyo

David Eyo’s story is such a fascinating and beautiful one to witness. A Calabar Native David has been intentional about pursuing a creative career harnessing his multiple gifts. An engaging singer and an intriguing Actor to watch on projects like ‘The Theory of breakfast’ I am excited to see his next steps in the world of film.

Written by Folu Storms


  • Counsellor (Showmax)
  • ⁠Covenant (Africa Magic)
  • Breakfast (Africa Magic)

Instagram: @detolajones
Twitter: @ —
IMDb: Adetola Jones

Without a doubt, Detola Jones is someone to watch and will succeed greatly in the entertainment industry. She is a three-in-one talent—dance, acting, and singing. Despite her talent, she has an unrivalled work ethic and an incredible drive.

Because of her exceptional professionalism and contagious attitude, Detola is one of the rare people you get to truly enjoy working with. Many people have commented on how naturally she approaches her roles, but what people often forget is that an actor needs to prepare extensively in order to fully inhabit the role they are playing. Outside work, Detola has the personality, the looks and the intelligence to become one of Nigeria’s mega superstars and I am glad to be around to experience it.

Written by Shamz Andre Garuba


  • Red Circle (Unreleased)
  • Man Friend (Africa Magic)
  • Dear Diane (YouTube)

Instagram: @folustorms
Twitter: @folustorms
IMDb: Folu Storms

Folu Storms is a Nigerian actress who shines bright in every room she walks in. I’ve admired her from far and actually got the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 with her at an event quite recently.
Her performances are pure magic, a true work of art leaving audiences in awe all the time. With a personality that radiates warmth and grace, Folu Storms is a star through and through.

Written by David Eyo

  • Crime & Justice (Showmax)
  • In Bloom (BET Africa)
  • Cake (Prime Video)

Instagram: @thegbubemiejeye
Twitter: @ejeye_gbubemi
IMDb: Gbubemi Ejeye

Gbubemi is an actor who possesses a wealth of talent and skill. Her performances are consistently remarkable as she always showcases a range of emotions and depth that captivate audiences with her natural ability to bring characters to life. Gbubemi effortlessly amazes viewers with each role she takes on.

Written by Emmanuel Odihiri (Cinemma)


  • Citation (Netflix)
  • Far From Home (Netflix)
  • Criminal (Unreleased)

Instagram: @iremideadeoye.f
Twitter: @iremideadeoye_f
IMDb: Iremide Adeoye

Iremide “fantasticks” Adeoye. Just like his name, he is a fantastic actor. He is a very unique talent, an exceptional creative through and through. From his flawless performance in Wura to Her Dark Past to mention a few. He is one of the actors of the new generation that I have a lot of respect for I see him going very far and standing the test of time!. His unique awesome talents speak for themselves

Written by Detola Jones


  • Wura (Showmax)
  • Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti (In Cinemas)
  • Her Dark Past (Showmax)

Instagram: @mikeafolarin
Twitter: @mikeafolarin
IMDb: Mike Afolarin

Mike Afolarin is talented, I’ve seen his work and he strikes me as someone who has been waiting for that opportunity to show how much he has to offer. He has demonstrated remarkable ability that appears that he was made for this. I definitely respect that.

Written by Iremide Adeoye


  • Far From Home (Netflix)
  • Water & Garri (Prime Video)
  • Battle on Buka Street (Prime)

Instagram: @paul_nnadiekwe
Twitter: @paul_nnadiekwe
IMDb: Paul Nnadiekwe

Paul Nnadiekwe is an actor with a purpose, one that connects with every character he plays. He is multi lingual as he speaks Igbo, Yoruba and Efik. He has featured in a number of projects as a lead actor, namely; Schooled, Afamefuna, & the highly anticipated I do not come to you by chance.
Paul is described by friends as the funniest guy in the room, a very caring friend, and very talented. He is also a filmmaker, having made some short films of his own. He is definitely one of the actors to look forward to in Nollywood and beyond, as he sets his eyes on taking his craft beyond here.

Written by Chuks Joseph


  • I Do Not Come to You by Chance
  • Schooled (YouTube)
  • Afamefuna (Netflix)

Instagram: @sandraokunzuwa
Twitter: @sandraokunzuwa
IMDb: Sandra Okunzuwa

Sandra Okunzuwa is a rising star in the Nigerian film industry, making waves with her compelling performances and undeniable screen presence. She brings depth to her characters, captivating audiences and critics alike. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to convey complex emotions make her a standout talent. Additionally, her charismatic personality and strong work ethic have earned her my unwavering admiration. Keep an eye on Sandra Okunzuwa in 2024 as she continues to shine, showcasing her versatility and range.

Written by Tobi Makinde


  • Something Like Gold (Cinema)
  • Neighbor Neighbor (YouTube)
  • The Wildflower (Netflix)

Instagram: @tobimakinde
Twitter: @tobimakinde_
IMDb: Tobi Makinde

Tobi Makinde is one of the hardest working actors that we have. His dedication to the craft is selfless. His portfolio is amazing with an impressive number of acting and directing hours to boast of. He is a kind person and a well refined talent who has had several years of training from entertainment mogul Funke Akindele, He definitely ranks high on the list of actors to look out for.

Written by Mike Afolarin


  • Jenifa’s Diary (DStv)
  • A Tribe Called Judah (Prime)
  • My Siblings & I (Africa Magic)

These ten actors exemplify the passion, creativity, and dedication that are propelling Nigerian cinema onto the global stage. As they continue to captivate audiences with their compelling performances and unique stories, we eagerly anticipate the remarkable contributions they will make to the world of film and television.

Keep an eye on these rising stars as they forge new paths and redefine the boundaries of storytelling in Nigeria and beyond.