Oluwatobi Adesanya Covers Top Charts Africa Magazine

In the late hours of Sunday, 16th June, 2024, one of the most prestigious pageants in Nigeria- MISTERS OF NIGERIA hosted their annual competition that aimed at revealing their “Mr Nigeria” for the next one year.
The thrilling event which held at the Lagos oriental hotel witnessed an array of fashion aficionados, media personalities and pageant titleholders.

The event kicked off with a breathtaking performance from the 16 contestants which sets the right ambience for such an epic show.
Slowly, as the event went on the 16 contestants reduced to 10, 6, then the top 3- Contestants representing Enugu (Ogboukiri Favour), Ogun (Oluwatobi Adesanya) and Anambra (Nwajagu Samuel).

L-R: Ogbuokiri Favour, Oluwatobi Adesanya, Nwajagu Samuel

The trio who undoubtedly showed out during the competition bringing in all their talents, intelligence, and passion to the show. They were absolutely all worthy of the crown, however only one winner can be chosen and one would bet it won’t be Tobi (Ogun State’s representative) not that he was unworthy, but he seemed to be the underdog, the one who you wouldn’t want to bet on..
The winner was announced and you know who he is…

The next morning our fashion editor sat with him shortly. Oluwatobi was much more laid back after a really long night, he appears to have a really cheerful heart and he bonded with his fellow contestants really well.
As he takes on this prestigious title, Oluwatobi reflects on his journey, sharing insights into the preparation process, his personal style, and his aspirations to use fashion as a platform for empowerment and positive change.
When asked about his unexpected win, Oluwatobi expressed boundless gratitude, stating, “Words cannot describe the feeling of joy and gratitude to God Almighty. This is a very important office to hold, and I find myself lucky to be the winner because every single one of my brothers on that stage were also deserving.” He acknowledged the mental and physical toll of the preparation process, noting, “My weeks of planning were not easy, but it wasn’t at all – it was mentally and physically draining. But I guess it was all worth it because I was lucky to come out victorious.”

Photography: Oliver Ken Visuals Stylist: Danstefan

Oluwatobi’s distinct fashion sense has been a topic of much discussion, and he is eager to refine and evolve his look moving forward. “Fashion to me is going to be used as a force for good to empower and inspire people to not only look but feel confidently amazing,” he said. “I seek to evolve my looks by partnering with any fashion brand my management wants me to work with and possibly expanding my fashion sense. I’m open to trying new things in fashion.”
Reflecting on his approach to balancing high-fashion pieces with more accessible, everyday looks, Oluwatobi emphasized the importance of collaboration and comfort. “I’m going to work with my amazing stylist together with my management when it comes to creating looks and working with top fashion brands,” he shared. “Because I don’t want to feel lost or less confident in the pieces I wear, so be rest assured that whatever you see me wearing is something I’m comfortable in.”

Photography: Oliver Ken Visuals Stylist: Danstefan

Beyond the pageant stage, Oluwatobi plans to integrate fashion seamlessly into his daily life, drawing inspiration from his roots and cultural heritage. “I don’t really have any fashion or styling tricks up my sleeves per se, but I just dress myself up however I feel comfortable with at that particular time,” he explained. “Before now, I haven’t really gotten the opportunity to wear top designer brands, but I’m quite hopeful that with this new title, such opportunities will come.”
Oluwatobi’s vision extends far beyond the realm of personal style, as he aims to use his platform to empower and inspire others. “Fashion will always be a force for good, so I plan to use both my title as Mr. Nigeria and my talent as a fashion designer to create a platform where I would empower teenagers with dreams of becoming a fashion designer, through encouragement, tutoring or even assisting them in any little way I possibly can, to start up their small businesses in the fashion industry.”

Styled by: @oloriade_001. Shot by: @dipsyphotography

As he prepares to represent Nigeria on the global stage at Manhunt International in Thailand in 2025, Oluwatobi is determined to showcase the richness of African culture and fashion. “I plan to incorporate my roots as an African man from Ogun State in every piece I wear, both in camp and on stage. From my national costume to my casual wear in camp, Nigerian cultural heritage will be heavily represented on the international stage through me,” he stated.
Oluwatobi’s journey has not been without its challenges, particularly in convincing his parents to support his unconventional career path. However, through open communication and demonstrating the positive opportunities that could arise, he was able to earn their unwavering support. “I had to also make them understand that there are so many amazing opportunities that could come from this platform, and it would only be possible for me if I have their full support,” he explained.

Visuals: Genius Gist Media

For aspiring pageant contestants, Oluwatobi offers valuable advice on developing a distinctive yet impactful fashion identity: “Work with a stylist, do not think you can do it all by yourself, and when finding a stylist to work with, choose one that listens and understands you, not a stylist who doesn’t. Because you’ll be less confident when you wear an outfit you’re not mentally connected to.”
Oluwatobi’s journey to the Mr. Nigeria title has been a testament to his determination, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to using fashion as a tool for empowerment and positive change. As he embarks on this new chapter, the world eagerly awaits to see how he will leverage his platform to inspire and uplift others, both on the runway and in the community.