Not only is Joeboy one of the best talents to come out from the Afrobeats genre, he is also a genuine soul and a multitalented individual.
As our distinguished cover star for 2023, we sit down to unravel the layers of this remarkable artist. In this interview, we delve into the essence of Joeboy: The Artist, The Storyteller, and the soulful force behind the melodies. Join us as we explore the intriguing facets of Joeboy’s journey, inspirations, and the profound resonance of his latest project. It’s more than just an interview; it’s an intimate conversation with a man who thrives on his raw creativity, genuine spirit, and captivating artistry.

His ascent to stardom wasn’t paved with golden promises or immediate recognition. Joeboy reminisces about the rough but deeply satisfying journey from an underground artist to a mainstream sensation. “Before my breakout single, I had spent some years writing for established artists without credit,” he recounts. The struggles and unfulfilled deals set the stage for his breakthrough moment with the empowering force of “Baby.”

Listening to Joeboy share this, led us to inquire on where he gets the inspiration for his sweet flows and mesmerizing melodies. He shares that he draws inspiration from the uncharted territories of emerging and alternative artists. “I draw a lot of inspiration from emerging and alternative artists because they create genuinely without pressure,” he explains. His commitment to authenticity in creativity sets him apart in the vibrant landscape of Afrobeats as he says “I don’t make music to fit the narrative, I make music because that is where my head is at and that’s where my creative radar is pointing to”.

Before delving into the nuances of the industry, it’s essential to acknowledge the sheer brilliance of Joeboy’s music, a force that has consistently spoken louder than any external noise. His exceptional talent has been a constant, which has been the major factor to his rise without the need for grandiosity.

“All I want to do is make music and connect with my fans. Left to me, I’ll be home all day making music, reading books, playing video games and working out.” Joeboy shares in response to our question on how he manages to keep a positive and drama free professional image In an industry often marred by clout chasing and unnecessary drama. He continues by saying “I keep my circle really small and tight,” emphasizing his commitment to a chill and stress-free environment. His focus remains the same — making music and connecting with his audience, steering clear of the theatrics that can overshadow the art.

Transitioning seamlessly into the heart of our conversation, Joeboy discusses the narrative behind his latest project, ‘Body, Soul & Spirit.’ “The EP title flows from my album Body & Soul. The 5 tracks on the EP represent the state of my spirit at the time of creation. When you listen to the EP, you can instantly tell where I was spiritually at the time of making the project,” he reveals, inviting listeners into the spiritual dimensions his latest masterpiece.

His mention of his previous album made us curious and I’m sure you the reader is also curious on how this new EP builds on the theme of the album. Joeboy responds to this by explaining it pretty intricately, “My album ‘Body & Soul’ ended with ‘Halle’ where I was thanking God for all he had done for me” he says. Then continuing to talk about a song which we would be dissecting further pretty soon. “and the first song off the new EP is ‘Only God Can Save Me’, where I am leaning on God to see me through troubled times. That pretty much set the precedent for the songs on the EP and the general theme The EP ‘Body, Soul & Spirit’ seems to delve into personal and introspective themes.”

As the conversation delves into the emotional intricacies of crafting ‘Body, Soul & Spirit,’ Joeboy shares the delicate dance between vulnerability and resilience. “To be honest, there are songs that I had to take out because of how emotionally raw they were,” he confides. “I am cool with being vulnerable to a certain extent but those songs were way too raw and I just didn’t want that level of vulnerability out there at the moment”. He establishes that the EP was intentionally curated and it reflects a desire for a balanced narrative, ensuring that each song resonates wjth a certain purpose.

When asked about recording this project alone, Joeboy takes a reflective pause as he opens up about a period of solitude, a phase triggered by events that pushed him to the edge. “Coincidentally, that’s when I learned how to record myself, so I spent time pouring out my emotive state. I could display all sorts of emotions without looking over my shoulder or being worried that I looked silly.” he shares. This served a canvas for pouring out his emotive state, an authentic self-expression that adds depth to the musical experience of ‘Body, Soul & Spirit.’

“I actually cried while voicing the song,” he confesses, when asked about the challenges he faced during the creation of the lead single “Only God Can Save Me.” unveiling the raw vulnerability that found its way into this deeply personal track. It’s a testament to the emotional resonance he seeks to create with his audience. “The world is a really crazy place and it’s really tough to have to deal with the pressure and expectation that comes with living on a daily basis so it’s almost crazy to expect anyone to always be good and have a positive outlook. At the time I made, Only God Can Save Me, I was really down because of something I had just experienced that tested my faith and trust in people. The fact is we all have bad times, times where we are not ourselves and need help. I want my audience to know that they aren’t alone. No matter what they are going through, there will always be someone or something there for them. Whether it’s friends, family, God or my music. He adds, emphasizing the universal theme of connecting through shared human experiences. He hopes for his music to become a conduit for listeners, a reassuring presence in times of struggle.

Anticipating the future of his music, Joeboy radiates optimism for what lies ahead. “2024 is going to be a movie, trust me,” he declares. “Personally, I have a feeling next year will be my biggest year yet. I am making some major changes and refreshing my artistic presence so there’s a lot going on with me”, promising a new chapter in his already illustrious career. Also adding that he is proud to be in the front and center of a movement like Afrobeats.

With a movement as powerful as Afrobeats, Joeboy emerged not just as an artist but as a storyteller, weaving his experiences into every note and every lyric. Through his journey, he has has shown resilience, authenticity, and the unwavering pursuit of musical artistry. As the our 2023 cover star, Joeboy beckons us to anticipate the unfolding chapters, promising a melodic saga that resonates with the very soul of Afrobeats and we’ll be fully seated, ready for the experience.