Dive into the enchanting world of global phenomenon Mr Eazi, where music becomes a canvas for cultural fusion and artistic brilliance. Discussing his recently released project, ‘The Evil Genius,’ Mr Eazi invites us to explore a musical landscape that goes beyond conventional boundaries. This first-of-its-kind project is not just an auditory experience; it’s a visual feast. Each track on the album comes to life through unique art pieces curated by 13 talented artists spanning eight African countries. Recorded across diverse locations, including Accra, Cotonou, LA, Lagos, LDN, and New York, ‘The Evil Genius’ resonates globally with collaborations featuring Angélique Kidjo, Knucks, Soweto Gospel Choir, Nonso Amadi, and Joeboy. In this written interview, Mr Eazi generously shares glimpses of his life, offering an intimate narrative that goes beyond the beats, giving readers a chance to connect with the man behind the music.

TCA: There has been a lot of evolution in your personality, music, and branding. What do you think is responsible for that and at what point did you think that was necessary.

EAZI: My journey in the music industry has been an exciting one, and I believe it’s essential for any artist to evolve and adapt over time. I’ve always been open to trying new things and exploring various musical genres. The growth in my personality, music, and branding is a natural progression that reflects my experiences and influences. It became necessary for me to keep evolving as it allows me to stay relevant and connect with a broader audience.

TCA: The late highlife legend, Victor Olaiya has an album titled “The Evil Genius of Highlife”. Considering your strong link to highlife music, did that album in anyway inspire you?

EAZI: Victor Olaiya was a legend in highlife music, and his work has had a significant impact on my love for the genre. While his album didn’t directly inspire me, the spirit of highlife music is deeply rooted in my music, and I’m proud to continue the highlife tradition while adding my own unique twist to it.

TCA: Preceding the release of the album was an incredibly electrifying art exhibition. Could you walk us through this collection of art pieces you have curated and what it means to you?

EAZI: Absolutely, I’d be happy to provide more insight into the art exhibition preceding the release of my album. This exhibition was a special project that meant a lot to me. The art exhibition was a visual representation of the themes and emotions embedded in my album, “Evil Genius.” It featured a diverse collection of art pieces that were carefully curated to align with the essence of the music. Each artwork served as a visual companion to the songs on the album, adding a new dimension to the overall experience. The reason behind curating this exhibition was to create a deeper connection with my fans and convey the messages of the album in a different artistic medium. It allowed me to tell a visual story that complemented the music and offered a unique way for people to interpret the emotions and concepts behind the songs. For me, this art exhibition was about transcending the boundaries of music and art, connecting with my audience on a more profound level, and providing them with a multisensory experience. It was a fantastic journey of artistic exploration and expression that allowed me to blend music and visual art to create something truly electrifying and memorable. The fusion of these creative elements meant a lot to me, as it showcased the power of art in conveying complex emotions and ideas.

TCA: An admirable thing you did was to make sure all the visual artists represented were strictly Africans. What more do you intend doing to propel African art?

EAZI: Promoting African art is essential to me. In addition to showcasing African visual artists in my exhibitions, I intend to continue collaborating with talented African artists and creators across various mediums to highlight our culture and heritage. African art is a treasure, and I want the world to appreciate its beauty and diversity.

TCA: What’s the meaning behind the recent use of the bow and arrow emoji

EAZI: The bow and arrow emoji represents a sense of direction and focus, aiming for
one’s goals and hitting the target. It’s a symbol of purpose and precision in everything I

TCA: Do you have any favorite track on the album and why?

EAZI: It’s tough to pick a favorite track on the album because each one holds a special place in my heart. They all represent different facets of my musical journey and experiences. I love them all equally.

TCA: You have a reputation of being a super industrious person, your business acumen is highly spoken of. Has this always been who you are, or it is an attribute you developed along the line.

EAZI: I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but my experiences in the music industry have sharpened my business acumen. I’ve learned the importance of strategic thinking, branding, and managing my career effectively. It’s crucial to balance the artistic side with the business side of the music industry.

TCA: Let’s talk about Empawa Africa. Firstly, congratulations for the great success the brand has been ever since you launched. What’s your vision for the brand and do you plan to on unveiling more artists soon?

EAZI: Thank you for the kind words about Empawa Africa. The vision for the brand is to continue discovering and nurturing African talent across various creative fields. We’ll certainly be unveiling more talented artists in the future, so stay tuned for some amazing new talents!

TCA: What advice do you have for every African youth aspiring to reach your heights?

EAZI: To all aspiring African youth, I’d say: Stay true to your roots, work hard, be persistent, and never stop learning. Believe in yourself and your dreams, and don’t be afraid to take risks. The African youth is incredibly talented and innovative, and there’s a world of opportunities waiting for you.

TCA: I don’t mean to pry but based on popular demand; How’s marriage going? (Laughs)

EAZI: Haha, well, who said I’m married?! I appreciate the curiosity! Marriage is a beautiful and personal journey, everything is going well. Thanks for asking! (Laughs)

TCA: This was such an amazing an insightful conversation, thank you for sitting
with us and congratulations on the release of your new album

EAZI: The pleasure is mine, thank you for having me!

INTERVIEW BY: Kehinde Adesokan & Daniel Amakiri