African Artistes with the Highest Reported Revenue Per Show

Generated from Boxscore reports obtained from Touring Data, Bloomberg and Pollstar which are official concert ticket tracking systems, we have taken the liberty the compile the list of the African Artistes with the Highest Reported Revenue Per Show. Burna Boy dominates the list with a staggering 14 spots out of the Top 20, Burna Boy’s […]

Mr Eazi Releases Visuals for “Òròkórò” ft Angelique Kidjo

In a harmonious blend of sound and sight, Mr Eazi and the legendary Angélique Kidjo have unveiled the mesmerizing visuals for their collaborative single, “Òròkórò.” Filmed against the captivating backdrops of Paris and Forêt de Fontainebleau, this music video transcends the conventional and dives deep into the cultural richness and spirituality of both artists. The […]

Rema Cancels December Shows

Afrobeats Superstar Rema took to his Instagram story to announce the cancellation of all his scheduled December shows. The announcement came as a shock to fans who were eagerly anticipating his performances during the festive season. In a heartfelt message, Rema revealed the reason behind this unexpected decision, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing his health. […]


In the span of a few decades, Nollywood, Nigeria’s burgeoning film industry, has undergone a remarkable evolution that mirrors the dynamic shifts in global entertainment consumption. From humble beginnings in the era of home videos to the current age of cinema and digital streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime Video, Nollywood has not only transformed […]


Dive into the enchanting world of global phenomenon Mr Eazi, where music becomes a canvas for cultural fusion and artistic brilliance. Discussing his recently released project, ‘The Evil Genius,’ Mr Eazi invites us to explore a musical landscape that goes beyond conventional boundaries. This first-of-its-kind project is not just an auditory experience; it’s a visual […]


Welcome to the NXT Honors, where we celebrate the outstanding achievements of Africans who have made exceptional contributions on a global level. The ultimate goal of this virtual award is to celebrate some of the most accomplished and talented individuals from across the continent.These extraordinary individuals have surpassed boundaries, broken barriers, and inspired change, showcasing […]